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Best Way To Promote Your DApp, Cryptocurrency and ICO


Have you heard about the term “Digital marketing or online marketing”? If yes is your answer then it’s great to hear. If not, let me explain it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the practice of promoting your business product/services online which creates a unique brand identity for your business. It creates a massive impact on all major business online. Not only now, but in the future also digital marketing is going to rule the entire business world.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing includes an array of marketing services like SEO, PPC, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing, mobile app marketing, reputation management, conversion rate optimization services.

These set of online marketing services will promote your business globally. You may think is it possible to promote DApp, cryptocurrency, and ICO via digital marketing.

With 200% damn sure, Digital marketing is the right way to promote your cryptocurrency, ICO, and Dapp among the audience and build a better ROI for your crypto projects.

Without any double thinking, Just go with digital marketing and doubles your business profit.

Digital marketing is the path to market your crypto projects but the marketing strategies will vary based on the marketplace.

Final thought:

wanna know about the ways how digital marketing will promote your crypto projects then check out the below links,

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Hope, this article will help you. Don’t be hesitate to dig into the world of digital marketing.


Best Ways To Deal With Negative Reviews Online


It’s obviously hard to see the negative reviews upon your business online. But don’t worry there are a lot of solutions to change the negative perception of your business.

First, sit back and relax. Now, let us get into it,

Evaluate the reviews - First and foremost step is to evaluate the reviews which are real or fake. yeah..!! Because the business may receive reviews for any kinds of reasons like bad customer experience, shady competitors or unhappy former employees may critique your business via other user profile.

If it is real then it will help you to pinpoint your flaws and able to rectify it.

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Request to Remove Negative Reviews From Google, App Stores & More

Respond reviews - After evaluation, Immediate next step is to respond to the reviews. Because instant reply to the fake or bad reviews will show your honesty among the audience.

Keep in mind while replying to the reviews which respond to the review either it is fake or bad in a polite way. Responding to the positive reviewer will lead to turning back towards your business and they’ll share their experience in their circle.

Flag the fake or bad reviews - Get rid off of the fake reviews by flagging it on Google my business. Google provides the option to fix this situation. Here are the steps to mark it as a “Flag as inappropriate”.

1)Find your business listing on the Google maps.
2)Then click on the reviews section. Next, Find fake reviews about your business service/product.
3) Click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the review.
4)After that select the “Flag as inappropriate” option.

That’s it. Later Google allows the team to check it out the review and decide whether it should be removed or not.

Delete the reviews - Reviews can only be deleted by the posted user. Ask them with kindness and explain the situation clearly to delete the posted negative feedback on your business.

Gain positive reviews - Earning more positive reviews will help to overshadow the fake or bad reviews to drown out. Ask happy customers to provide a review of your business service/product like what you want to improve and what they like from your services.

Hope the above tips will help you to get rid of it.

wanna more guidelines about tackling the negative reviews of your business. Go through this guide >> How to remove negative reviews from Google

How to Promote Your ICO?


Right now, You’re in the world of ICO. Great! Then I am very sure that you will be strong on the technical aspects of your Initial coin offering, which is good but that’s not enough. Marketing ICO is the biggest task which should be processed to gain collaborators or investors for your ICO.

Though everyone knows about ICOs, which is an unregulated process to gain investors for the cryptocurrency project, more and more ICOs are launching frequently and a lot of people get into it. In that case, you should strengthen your marketing strategy to take your ICO to a new height in the ICO marketplace.

SEO Warriors — Best ICO marketing agency which applies unique ICO marketing strategies on your ICO to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Our team of professional experts will work on your ICO project effectively and bring the desired results accurately.

With our highly eminent ICO marketing services, we deliver a high return on investment for your ICO. If you own an ICO and looking for reliable marketers to promote your ICO then immediately hire us. We will create a brand for your ICO, gain investors and make people talk about it.

We’ll tell you how to promote your ICO effectively,

Legitimate Website:

At very first step, Design a legitimate website for your website. Website matters a lot in ICO marketing because this acts as the digital shop for your ICO. Take your time and design the best website for your ICO which is the place to get the best impression among the audience.

Filled the website with detailed info about your ICO, a professional team behind it. These things will build trust among users. If you can create an explainer video for your ICO and placed that in a landing page which helps to gain the user’s attention.

Strong Whitepaper:

A professional whitepaper about your ICO is must be placed on the website which clearly outlines the technical factor of your ICO, solutions that you are providing, the team worked on it, token details and distribution strategy.

Take into an account, without having a detailed professional whitepaper for your ICO will have a low chance for successful ICO.

Search Engine Optimization:

A website should be optimized for SEO because Search engine optimization process on your website will gain organic website traffic for your ICO and it will turn the users into valid investors.

Pay Per Click:

Pay per click is a paid advertising method which also acquires website traffic towards your ICO website immediately. You can run paid ads on social media platforms which gain the huge user’s attention easily and drive them towards your websites.



How to remove negative reviews from Google


“Reviews” plays a very crucial role in today’s business world. Yeah..!! It’s one of the main factors to evaluate the business brand. Either positive/negative reviews will create a drastic change in all kind of businesses. Especially for startups, Reviews are one of the sources to build a brand identity for their business.

For startups, positive reviews have the power to boost business growth while some negative reviews can disrupt the highly branded business growth. To know where you lack, and how to remove negative perception about your business, Fill in the below form.

Generally, Every business people invest a lot of time, source and 100 % hard work on their business from scratch to create a valuable business brand reputation in the marketplace.

But, One bad or fake review ruined their business brand perception among the audience. These type of reviews can from general audience or shady competitors.

Before diving into the solution. Let’s first know about the importance of Reviews

Reviews play an important role in reputation management. According to the online survey, Near 60 % of people are taking a look at Google reviews before making the purchase.

Not only in business reputation But Reviews are also one of the most important factors in Search engine ranking.

Right now, you can get that importance of reviews.

Let get into the matter,

So, You are here to find the solution of removing bad or fake reviews from Google. Right !!

Kick back your stress by Just follow up the below step-by-step guidelines to remove fake reviews from Google.

1)Check the reviews

At the first step, you have to check your Google account for reviews. Bigger enterprises frequently track their reviews, but in usual small businesses are monitoring their business reviews on a weekly basis.

However, Here are the tips to keep on eye on your reviews

Frame up the Google Alerts: This is one of the easiest ways to track your business in this bustling digital world.

Let’s see how to implement Google alerts. Have a look at the below Google alerts screen,

In the search query text box, enter what you want to track either it may be your


1) Business brand
2) URL of your website
3) Business Product/service name
4) High profile members (Like CEO, CMO)
5) Business targeted keyword.

Google brings the resulting based on your searchable query. For example, Consider our business name SEO Warriors. If we use this then Google will give the result as SEO or Warriors but not both. While “SEO Warriors” term monitor and fetches the exact phrase.

Minus sign (-) will advise Google to exclude the term from the search query. 

The site: operator will tell Google to scan the query from particular websites. For Instance, You can enter the hunt query as “SEO Warriors”

In the same manner, the minus sign joined with the site: operator will advise Google to overlook specifies from that specific site. Therefore, “SEO Warriors” — would exclude results from the XYZ.

Result type: The result type option include Everything, News, Blog, Video, Discussion, Books. From that, you can pick what sort of alerts that you want to receive.

How often: This section gives you a chance to choose how as often as possible you need to get these alarms. The options are As-it-happens, Once a day, Once a week.

Continue this article to know more, click here >> How to remove negative reviews from Google


How can social media marketing helps in mobile app marketing?


Social media is the biggest platform to interact with huge customer’s and get their reply instantly. If we use this effectively we can gain mass followers for your mobile app.

On a daily basis post something creative and attractive related to your business model. Your bonny post will make the customers click and read what it is. This drives referral traffic towards your business website.

Let us see how social media marketing strategy will boost your small business,

  1. Social media is the best reliable resource to interact with a huge audience and grab their attention in this bustling internet world.
  2. Active presence in social media is the key to success in your business.
  3. Routine updates in social media will create an expectation of your unique content among your followers.
  4. Don’t stuff your social media activity as too professional. Because people minds are always changeable.
  5. Interact with the audience simultaneously. It builds a bridge between you and your audience.
  6. Post regarding globally celebrating days in your social media’s.


Examine the above process to get more customer towards your business online. If you still need clarification about digital marketing services then have a quick look at SEO warriors.

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Create A Big Brand Identity for your Business


In this fast-moving world, there is a possibility to make your business as a big brand in the marketplace. On behalf of my side, I would prefer a digital marketing platform to make your brand as well-known at a reasonable cost.

why choose digital marketing?

Millions and trillions of people are in the online space which is the common medium to get their attention easily rather than traditional marketing such as television ads, newspaper ads, etc.,

Each and every people are busy at their work. The best way to heads up their attention towards your business is by marketing digitally. We can reach a global audience easily.

How digital marketing will make your business as a brand?

Digital Marketing includes a wide spectrum of digital marketing services like,

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services
  2. Pay Per Click Services
  3. Social Media Marketing Services
  4. Social Media Optimization Services
  5. E-mail Marketing Services
  6. Content Marketing Services
  7. Reputation Management Services
  8. App store optimization Services
  9. Conversion Rate Optimization Services

The above-mentioned digital marketing services work flow is different but finally, the outcome delivers the brand credibility for your business and the results stay for long-term.

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SEOWarriors experts undergo deep analysis of your business in the current marketplace online and then generate the crystal-clear audit report. Audit report consists of the current status of your business and forecasting process to beat your competitors, and what we do to make your business stand out in the marketplace.

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