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How Can Social Media Marketing Helps To Grow Businesses?


Social media are now well established and its usage percentage is increasing year-to-year. But the value may vary based on different demographics. 

Have you heard about this, around 90% of digital marketers say that social media marketing has established a better business brand exposure and spending 6 hours per week in social mediums will increase the business leads?

According to the Global digital report 2019, 

  1. Internet users increase by 9.1% year-on-year
    2. Social media users increases by 9% year-on-year
    3. Mobile users increases by 2% year-on-year

Due to the increased users of the internet, social media, mobile devices, traditional marketing will not be enough to sustain the business in the running internet world.

With the benefits of social media channels, Businesses needs to leverage social media properly and grab the benefits from it. Business people are not utilizing the social media that they are missing out on an exceptional opportunity to grow their business.

Well, Now let us see how social media marketing helps to grow your business

1)Better Brand Recognition

A strong online presence on social media will build a brand value for your business. It reduces the consumer's response time nowadays If consumers are facing any issue with product/services that they are expected to sort out that it right away.

A brand which serves an immediate response to the consumers on social media will have a large audience base. Engage the audience with providing useful information and sort out their issues, along with some entertainment will keep their interest peaked.

These things will expose that you value your customers more than money. It’s one of the biggest qualities to spotlight your business brand in the crowded marketplace.

2)Improve Search Engine Ranking:

Social media marketing will boost your search engine ranking. Yeah..!! social media marketing activities are considered in their search engine ranking algorithm.

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